We operate with a multi-pronged philosophy that will allow us to create and maintain a reputation of trust, leadership and superior quality. We shall approach products and services with a zero-compromise mindset. We maintain full transparency, assure all approvals are in place and ensure timely delivery. We believe in thorough and efficient planning and optimization of finance, resources and manpower We operate based on an accurate vision of market growth, adequate expansion and diversification in the real estate domain. We continually seek the latest technology in our systems & processes, enabling us to maintain a leading position in the global market with forward & backward integration. We build and nurture long-term relationships with stakeholders., Buyers and sellers and builders to developers. To be an employer who challenges, engages & motivates employees while affording perfect work-life balance. To be a trustworthy & reliable partner to all stakeholders. To challenge status quo and strive for growth, progress & excellence. To respect the environment, create projects that maintain equilibrium between nature and development. To consider every customer as a Dhansamruddhi family member and fulfill his/her dream of owning their “home”. To maintain customer-centricity in everything we do. To be an employer who challenges, engages & motivates employees while affording perfect work-life balance. To be a trustworthy & reliable partner to all stakeholders and customers….we are a group professionals/Consultant……. which is connecting people to prosperity.


With full time lawyers dedicated to the law firm, our firm provides top-tier legal services to Multinational Corporations, Corporates, Celebrities, HNI, Co-op Societies, Hospitals, Colleges and Institutions, Hotels, Online Companies, Media Groups, Semi-Govt Organizations, Individuals and Social Trusts.

Our approach to every case revolves around teamwork. Our legal team, consisting of Seniors, Paralegals, Associates, Legal Assistants and support staff, work together to improve productivity on our clients cases by treating each one as a top priority. Personal attention and compassion toward each of our clients are essential for this team philosophy to work.

The dedicated team comprises mix of Advocates, Solicitors and Liaisoning team members having a cutting-edge in various areas of Law practice. Our lawyers bring decades of experience to bear on complicated issues, and are personally involved in every case our office handles. On important stages, the partners ensure they are personally involved. Some seniors are frequent speakers and authors in various media and forum. Partners have a 10-15 plus years of experience and particular expertise in advising with regard to compliances as well. Compliances include various aspects related to Ministries, Departments and Indian Laws.

Some Partners and Associates have global experience in international laws. This includes petitions and applications, including investors seeking permanent residence through investment in their own businesses and investors seeking permanent residence abroad.

Over 20 years of experience in the legal field, which ensures our clients are getting a wide range of knowledge, experience and dedication to their case. Each of our employees know and understand each other's strengths and work as a team to stay focused on our clients' cases to ensure success in reaching agreements or in reaching a favorable verdict as the case go to trial.

To the benefit of our clients, our dedicated team are results driven and has the resources, proven methodologies for bringing experienced work and experts together to combat various aspects of their case.

We believe however, that we’re really a pioneers in the real estate business of providing the needs of Developers/Individuals/Investors demands such as Open Land,N.A Plots,for bungalow schemes, Raw housing and Plotting schemes. Seeking to meet the needs of the present generation, without compromising the future of the generations to come with significant operations in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Dhansamruddhi group has supported the field of construction in all verticals of real estate and has rehabilitated With operations spanning every aspect of the real estate business, from residential, commercial and retail projects, to slum rehabilitation to land development or Redevelopments of Societies,. Our efforts to customized being a project management consultant and architects for residential projects range from apartment complexes Bungalows to towers till townships. Our commercial projects comprise premium office spaces as well as multiplex cinemas, Hospitals etc. In retail, we focus on building world-class shopping malls. We also handle slum rehabilitation projects under a Government scheme administered by the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA), offering development rights in exchange for clearing and redeveloping slum lands, while providing replacement housing for the displaced slum dwellers, Old to new Society members.

Dhansamruddhi Group who believes in delivering quality construction. Rendering this scenario with touch of class, we believe in delivering “quality” to our customers, we believe in performing at the highest level of quality construction services at fair and market competitive prices. We believe in maintaining highest level of professionalism, integrity and honesty in our relationships with our customer, suppliers, professional and associates available .We believe in building reputation on performance. The Group with backing of its journey of success with the constant endeavor to satisfy customers with meticulous planning, detailed designing and timely completion along with unmatched quality, Strong belief in building faith brick by brick, With a man force of pioneers in the construction industry, With an immense passion to innovate and drive for solutions and adoption of latest and best of technology, processes, policies, and utilizing the efficiency of human resources to cater to the people of evolved tastes and ready to go that extra mile to keep up the promise of delivering their product on time.

Our vision is to build nurtured nest with care and love for our customers those are affordable with best, classy, luxurious, lavish along with comfort and all necessities available in the construction field.

We are Property Planners in full-service residential brokerage people representing sellers, buyers, renters, landlords, and developers of luxury properties we are experts on the ever- changing real estate market,from uncovering the best properties to knowing the intricacias of board requirements.We excel at understanding your desires and needs and matching you with exceptional properties.

We are trusted by sellers to close deals efficiently at the most advantageous prices. Whether working with local, national, or international clients,Dhansamruddhi Group streamlines the process to make every sale as seamless as possible.Whether you own your apartment as a part of your investment strategy or simply looking to you're your apartment occupied during a certain period, we can guide you through the process of finding a suitable tenant and negotiate on your behalf to achieve the maximum market rate for your property.Sometimes it makes more sense to rent rather than buy an apartment. We offer the same customized service to prospective renters, working closely with you to assess your needs and guide you through the process.Be it redevelopment of Society or development on open land or encumbered land, our team has mastered the complex process of real estate development. Not only does it need our team’s technical expertise, it is also driven by our expertise – human management skills – which is critical for most redevelopment projects. For Second Home We have with us several Weekend Home projects at various radius points from Mumbai and Gujarat at varying rates suiting your Budgetary needs. We welcome all of you to visit our projects at least once and we assure you are going to fall in love with them. Such beauty, craft and architecture is rarely found.

Dhansamruddhi Group has a people who are various professionals and consultant in the field of Health/Life/General/Mediclaim insurance companies, which help the investors/Individuals for their needs and requirements as they give proper guidance’s in the fields of insurance and towards their particular segments, we are the group of people who are usually the members and associated as full time consultant with various company and professionals in a common group. Team of Insurance Consultants helps Individuals/Proposer/Investor/Companies to identify and mitigate the risks faced by their employees/spouses and assets. Rising costs of Life/Healthcare/General Maintenance/Taxes have made it necessary for every individuals/employer to cover their risks for employees and their families from financial instability that may arise in case of hospitalization. Also our group helps in various segments in Health/Life/General insurance companies in attractive returns and fulfillments with satisfaction to the customers from our talented staff. Whether you are a Individual/Family /small group or a company, They can provide easily retain best talent in the industry by offering you comprehensive Health/Life/General insurance coverage.

Almost all types of insurance companies offer flexible covers at affordable premium rates, which depend on conglomeration of factors, like size of the individuals/Family or group, according to their profile of members, etc. It works under certain terms & conditions, which are applicable to all insured applicant/proposar or members.

At Dhansamruddhi Group, we strive to use highly innovative approach to help you in comparing best Insurance plans. Compare and choose the right plan, which provides coverage to all members in a single policy.

Dhansamrudhi Group. It is mid-market focused boutique Investment Bank and Corporate Finance Advisors, providing advisory for Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions, Debt Capital (Short Term & Long Term) and Wealth Management services, across spectrum of clients including Corporates, entrepreneurs, family offices and institutional investors.

Dhansamruddhi Group has a best in class deal team with extensive experience Private Equity, Inbound & Outbound Mergers & Acquisition and Corporate Finance, Wealth Management to Corporates, Institutional Investors, and Family Offices and HNI’s as well as deep knowledge of the industries that they serve. The Dhansamruddhi Group has rapidly grown in terms of depth and breadth of services offered, number of satisfied clients, extent of interfacing with institutions / banks and creation of state-of-art infrastructure facilities. We work predominantly with mid-market companies, many of whom are emerging leaders in their segments or have carved a niche for themselves and combine superior execution capabilities, meticulous research, rich transaction experience and a network of global partnerships to help our clients close a variety of strategic financial transactions.

Through our unique brand of culture, we deliver excellence to Clients and opportunity to employees, both with an aspiration to exceed expectations.

Vision statement

Core Purpose: To provide financial solutions for entrepreneurs and corporates Core Values:Trust, Commitment, Knowledge, Relationship & Team Spirit




Dhanesh D Waghela - Founder and Director, Dhansamruddhi Group
Guru Shinkar - Director of Nirmity Architects & PMC


Deepak Uttekar - Partner, Ameya Group Boisar
D.N.MORE - Partner Glizmore Infratech Limited
Mishal Kalyani - Founder & Director, MJ Corp


Anand Mehta - Propreitor, Bhagya Laxmi Consultancy
S D Waghela - Entrepreneur, Realm Enterprises
Bhavna Parmar


Dhanesh D Waghela - Founder and Director, Dhansamruddhi Group
Mishal Kalyani - Founder & Director, MJ Corp
Mansi Waghela - Digital Marketing
Shyama Ghosh


Mrs Savita D More - Managing Director., D N More CORPORATION
Harshala Sawant - Insurance Consultant, B.com, F.I.I.I (General Insurance), ShriKrishna Insurance


Kavita P Sisodiya - Banking sector
Naresh Wadhwana - Partner, NBFC Finance Group


Ameet Mehta - Managing Partner of Law Firm Solicis Lex
Adv. Nilesh Parmar - Notary and advocate high Court
Mansi D Waghela


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